We can understand that there are three types of people in all the churches. They are members, believers and disciples. They are also found in the Corinthian church according to Paul the Apostle. He named them natural man, carnal man and spiritual man.

The members or natural man are those who become the part of the church for the social status and for the social needs to be met according to the worldly standards. They may go for the positions and the fames; elections or money according to the worldly standards. They will act like bishops and even gear the church taking the decision or mobilizing the rest of the members to take the decision, who should be their pastors and which direction the church should go.

The believers or the carnal man are coming to the church to meet their fleshly or carnal needs through prayers or signs and wonders. They believe in God just to meet their needs, like to get a job, admissions, house or car… needs or their wants. We know even Satan believed in Him and understood that Jesus Christ can deliver the people whom they have possessed.

The disciples are spiritual. They have committed their lives to Christ and obey Him. They not only believe Him for this world but the Eternity to come. Being disciples they carry the yoke and learn from Him. They are growing in the grace of God, In the knowledge of His Son, in faith and in the holiness.

For them the measuring scale for the growth is Jesus Christ; unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. Who are we? A member, a believer or a disciple. A member and a believer in the churches will have the denominational spirits but the disciple of Jesus Christ will have the Holy Spirit.

– Pastor’s Jiji Chacko Ph.D.

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