This is the continuation of the message given on mothers day; the gist of the message given on the following Sunday, May 21st, 2017. Children, take next two topics as Father’s advice because it is more serious for the success of life here and for the Eternity.

2Timothy 3:1-7, 10 and 13. 
Apostasy – Falling away from the sound doctrine are increasing these days among us. The pleasure-seeking men who are boasters, blasphemers, proud, heady and so on are everywhere and their numbers are increasing these days. They are creeping into houses and also in the churches. They went out of the Church, from among us. They are deceivers and bringing the people under the snare of deception in the spirits of anti-Christ which is there from the beginning of the Church. My children, know the sound doctrines and stand firm, then you will understand these seducing spirits (1Timothy 4:1-6).

You will be able to escape from these men and will be able to warn your friends and families from these dangers. Be like those wise virgins who had not only the lamp but also the oil and it were burning. Make sure your light will be burning so that the darkness of the wrong teaching, the heresies, cult or occult will not take over you. Learn the Word and always check the Word when you hear from others. Never entertain the above described people whose aim is worldliness of riches and fame. The seducing spirits are contagious. Also discern the so called prophets, pastors and teachers who are loving the world, the money, fame and their bellies are their God.

There will be false prophets and teachers introducing the doctrines of devils, destructive heresies, following the deceitful spirits thus misleading many. Mathew 24:10-14; 1 Timothy 4:1-6; 2 Timothy 4:3,4; 2 Peter 2:1-3,18-21 and 2 Peter 3:17.

Marriage Failure – Satan always targeted the first institution, marriage created by God and most sacred relationship of husband and children, and parents and children. The family is the basic unit of any society, community or church. Through attacking this unit, the Devil knew that he can destroy society and churches. The “one flesh” relationship described in Genesis 2:24 is the mysterious henosis (union; oneness) and the ontological basis of marriage. In this unique union, man and woman become one, yet do not lose their individuality. In marriage, one finds oneself in another.

This oneness is the full joining of two persons in their totality. “The full joining of two persons in the totally unified being of marital oneness constitutes scriptural marriage. This implies spirit to spirit unity, soul to soul inner disclosure, openness mutually shared God-consciousness, and devotion and love inspired physical cares and sexual experience.” The process of leaving and cleaving for this oneness in the marriage are the steps for harmony and progress in married life. The new must supplant the old. For the cause one must leave in order to cleave, and this means a radical change.

Today the Satan is working hard on our families to break the communications, bringing the lack of flexibility and adaptability through pride and selfishness. Thus raising problems in a marital relationship. This is affecting the generation, our churches, and society. The churches should wake up and teach the people the instructions on marriage and family life. Even after all these teachings, warnings, and the advices of preventions and precautions, some people are careless and get into the trap of snares and deceptions of Devils. These days people are after the seducing spirits and the doctrines of devil. Let us continue fighting the good fight. Let us stand firm in the faith that we received by His Grace. Let us grow in His Grace and in His knowledge.

– Pastor’s Jiji Chacko Ph.D.

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