Prayer Ministry

Hebron Pentecostal Church has a vibrant prayer ministry powered by members of the congregation. The Prayer Ministry exists to raise, equip and send prayer warriors to present the praises and petitions of our church and community before the Lord. Our Intercessory Prayer meeting is held on Fridays at 8PM during which time we pray for the various needs of believers, for the sick, for the lost, for the nation of Canada and the continent of North America, for those being persecuted, for the salvation of souls in different countries and special prayer requests.

Youth Ministry

It is our belief, along with the leadership of the church, that the next major movement of the Holy Spirit in the church and the surrounding area will be through the youth, as God raises them up from a life of darkness.

Sunday School Ministry

Our Sunday School is at 9:30 AM every Sunday (for children age three through young adults) and it provides age-appropriate Bible lessons and learning activities that are both fun and spirtually rich. The children learn about the character of God, the work of Christ, and the means of living in right relationship to Him. Hebron Pentecostal Church’s dedicated teachers help the children to learn how to live like Jesus, and how to apply the great stories of the Bible to their lives at a young age.

Women’s Ministry

Our women’s ministry here at Hebron provides Christ-centered spiritual growth and encouragement for women in our shared journey of faith at every season in our lives, in order to deepen our relationship with God and others. The ladies meeting at Hebron Pentecostal Church is held every third Saturday at 5:30PM and it is a time of intercession and to equip once another to grow, serve, and reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ. These ladies also take the opportunity go out and distribute tracts in various areas.

Worship ministry

Here at Hebron Pentecostal church, we believe that worship is essential and reflects the life of a healthy, vibrant church. The purpose of our worship team is to glorify Jesus and serve the church by leading them into an encounter with God through heartfelt and meaningful worship. Bro. Joshua Oommen leads the Malayalam and English worship. We meet every Saturday evening for rehearsal.

Outreach Ministry

Hebron’s outreach ministry is geared towards making a lasting impact. Locally, our church members visit homes to share the gospel and the share the love of Jesus Christ. This involvement helps meet the spiritual needs of people who may not know the Lord through personal interaction and prayer.